Sambar Powder

Sambar is a stable food of south indians, which means we cook it almost everyday! So it is essential that there is a solution to cook it as quick as possible without wasting much time. This is where Nayagi’s Sambar Powder shines, Nayagi creates the perfect blend of all raw spices that you need to make the perfect sambar!

Available in packs of: 5KG, 500g, 50g, ₹10, ₹5


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Just like Sambar, another go-to, stable food for the South Indians is Rasam. Who doesn’t love to have a rasam that’s very simple to make, yet so delicious. Nayagi’s Rasam powder has a perfect blend of raw spices that is regarded as the best medicine for Flu.

Available in packs of: 50g,₹10

Nayagi fish curry masala has a rich blend of all that a fish lover looks for. If you want to make a gravy that’s always fresh and delicious, try Nayagi’s fish curry masala and we promise that you will never look for any other option. Do follow the instructions behind our packet for guaranteed taste.

Available in packs of: 50g,₹10

Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, getting your spices right is a crucial part that determines the taste of your dish. Which is why Nayagi goes through great lengths to source only the best quality spices to bring to you consistent quality of pure and natural flavour that will guarantee the taste of your dish! We are sure that Nayagi Garam Masala is unbeatable in comparison to anyone!

Available in packs of: 50g, ₹10, ₹5

This one is exclusively for the Biryani lovers. May it be Vegetarian, Chicken or Mutton, Nayagi’s Biryani Masala is an universal fit. Nayagi sources all the spices very carefully to create the perfect secret blend and to make sure there are no compromises to the quality and taste. Do follow the instructions behind our packet for guaranteed taste.

Available in packs of: 50g

Want an easy way to quickly stir up any kulambu without wasting much time! Then Nayagi’s Kulambu chilli powder is the solution you were looking for. Nayagi’s kulambu chilli powder lets the consumer to explore making different varieties of kulambu, including both vegetarian and non- vegetarian: namely, Tamarind Curry, Kara Curry, Fenugreek Curry, Tomato Curry, Egg Curry, Fish Curry, Dry Fish Curry and much more.

Available Size: 25g, 50g, 200g, 500g, 5kg

A small mistake with masala combination can spoil your hardwork when it comes to food preparation. Thanks to Nayagi making it easier.. We carefully roast and blend the spices to bring the best food to your plate. The mutton gravy goes well with almost any kind of South Indian dish and it will let the mutton lover crave for more. Do follow the instruction behind our packet for guaranteed taste.

Available in packs of: 50g, ₹10, ₹5


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Nayagi guarantees Pure, Natural, Traditional and unique taste with no artificial colours or flavours! Nayagi sources all the spices and masalas carefully to create the perfect secret blend that will awake the foodie in you!

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