Avoid Using Email for Exchanging Confidential Documents


Email is now the de facto way to send information quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. It is a quick and efficient alternative to traffic jams face-to-face meetings and delays in postal mail interruptions to fax machines and busy phone lines. The convenience of email can obscure its inherent risks when it comes to exchanging sensitive documents.

Once your sensitive data is removed from your server and is deleted, you have no control over what happens to it or who is able to access it. Even if your email is encrypted, adding an additional layer of security, it may not shield you from “man in the middle” attacks.

It is best to utilize an external company that is skilled in secure documents exchange. This will ensure that the confidential documents of your customer are not lost in the wrong hands. A secure document exchange system allows you to monitor the editors and users of the customer’s information.

If you have to send confidential information, an NDA that is a good fit can assist you in reducing the risk. For example limit the number of personal information you provide to the minimum necessary for your task and avoid putting them in multiple emails. To further protect yourself, utilize a password-protected folder instead of sending it as an attachment. You can also include a confidentiality disclaimer in your emails. No matter which method you choose to use make sure you clearly describe your expectations to the recipients of confidential information in your NDAs.

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